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Double girder gantry crane exported to Mexico
  Double girder gantry crane exported to Mexico


1. Lifting tonnage: 25T


2. Lifting height: 12M span


3. Span: 6M height


4. Voltage: 220V, 60HZ, 3P

The 25-ton double-girder gantry crane consists of a gantry, crane crab, trolley traveling mechanism, cab and electric control system, and the gantry crane can be Box-type or Truss-type structure. The track is at the side of each girder and the leg is divided into type A and type U according to user’s requirements. The control method could be ground control, remote control, cabin control or both.

FINEWORK is a professional manufacturer of lifting equipment. We have provided customers in many countries and regions with high-quality products and professional services. Among them, many customers have become regular customers who cooperate with us. Some projects will first ask us for quotations.

Recently, we received inquiries from Mexican customers.According to customer needs, our engineers designed a reasonable plan, which was recognized by customers. After confirming the drawings, we immediately put into production. Today, the goods have been produced, ready to be shipped to the port, and shipped to the customer city by sea.Customers are very satisfied with our products.

Design and delivery of 25-ton bridge crane exported to Mexico

One type of main girder consists of I-beam and channel steel for lifting small tonnage loads, and the other type consists of U-beam and I-beam for lifting large tonnage loads. All lifting and crane movements are independent and can run simultaneously. The electric hoist mobile power supply consists of flat cables or special cables.


Increased load capacity: Double girder cranes have a higher load capacity than single girder cranes, making them suitable for handling heavy loads and demanding applications.

Greater lifting height: The design of double girder cranes allows for a higher lifting height, providing more flexibility for various applications.

Enhanced stability: With two girders, double girder cranes offer improved stability and rigidity compared to single girder cranes, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safer operation.


Higher initial cost: Due to their more complex design and construction, double girder cranes typically have a higher initial cost compared to single girder cranes.

More complex installation: The installation process for double girder cranes is usually more time-consuming and complex than that of single girder cranes.

Increased maintenance: With more components, double girder cranes may require more maintenance and upkeep than single girder cranes.

Key Differences

Load Capacity

One of the main differences between single girder and double girder cranes is their load capacity. Double girder cranes are designed to handle heavier loads, making them ideal for industries requiring the movement of large, heavy items. In contrast, single girder cranes are more suited to light to medium duty applications.

Span and Height

Double girder cranes generally offer a greater lifting height and span than single girder cranes. This is because the trolley and hoist system can be positioned between the two girders, allowing for more vertical space for lifting. Single girder cranes, on the other hand, have the trolley and hoist system mounted below the girder, limiting the available lifting height.

Cost and Installation

Single girder cranes usually have a lower initial cost, as well as a simpler and faster installation process. This makes them an attractive option for businesses with budget constraints or limited timeframes. However, double girder cranes, while more expensive and complex to install, provide greater capabilities and flexibility for heavy-duty applications.

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