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Export of single girder overhead cranes to Sri Lanka
Few days ago(10.07.2021), Our company, Finework Cranes, exported single girder overhead cranes to Sri Lanka. Our customer from Kyrgyzstan has ordered 12 single-beam overhead cranes of different lifting capacities from Finework Cranes. Among them, the smallest overhead crane conveys 1 ton lifting capacity, the largest conveys 10 tons. Our single beam overhead crane has the following characteristics:
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Zambia: One 3T single girder bridge crane and three chain hoists were shipped overnight
As night fell, the production department of Finework delivered a 3T single girder bridge crane and 3 chain hoists overnight to ensure that the customer's goods arrived at the port as soon as possible.
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Thailand: Plant lifting equipment system solutions
10T European-style single-girder bridge crane, equipped with European-style hoist with lifting mechanism, hoist with ABM motor, Schneider Electric, to provide plant steel structure and lifting equipment solutions.
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Another crane to the UAE is shipped
This is our cooperation with the UAE again. In last year's cooperation, our cranes were recognized by customers and we signed a contract with us again.
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Double beam bridge crane
Across the ocean to see you-the "journey" of the 10 ton Double beam bridge crane to Saudi Arabia officially sets sail
In order to allow our customers to use our Double beam bridge crane as soon as possible, on March 3, 2021, China Land is still bathed in the morning sun, and the delivery schedule of Fanwo Group Double beam bridge crane has already started.
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Australian agent: guaranteed delivery time for loading and shipment to port
The approach of the Spring Festival and the continued impact of the epidemic have caused transportation to be blocked. Our company has various difficulties in customer service and transports the goods to the destination port.
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6+6T gantry Crane for Exporting to Mexico
Henan FineWork Cranes Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and service supplier of material handling equipment integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and marketing.
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Philippines:CXTS3T-6m/5.5m,H=7m Single girder Overhead Crane which complied to FEM/DIN Standard
In the end of December 2020, our sales engineer Fancy got information from our previous clients, whom purchased KBK light crane system from Demag, but finally this clients only got the electric chain hoist, without the steel structure. Through the communication with Fancy, sales engineer of Finework cranes, the clients were  regret not to purchase from Us. Therefore,  the clients decide to put their new project to our company.
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16 Tons Single Overhead Crane for Exporting to Malaysia
Finework cranes supply European single-girder overhead cranes for the Philippines customers, which have been shipped recently. This is another successful delivery of Finework cranes in Malaysia.
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