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 FineWork provides waste treatment and recycling solutions worldwide. We rely on years of experience and industry expertise to support operators of waste treatment facilities. Our lifting equipment is also used to automatically serve storage and fuel depots and to supply materials in the subsequent steps of the process.
Fields of application
Refuse incineration facilities
Facilities for refuse-derived fuels
Refuse incineration facilities
FineWork special cranes are used for fuel storage and mixing and to supply fuel to furnace production lines, and they have made a significant contribution to handling the rapidly increasing amount of waste worldwide. The lifting equipment can be fully customized to meet customer needs:
1.As manually controlled cranes
2.For semi-automated processes
3.As fully automated installations operating 24/7
For these applications, we provide an internally developed warehouse management system. In addition to crane control, it also provides visualization of equipment and automatic measurement of the filling volume in the garbage storage pool. In addition, operators of these equipment can use the FineWork crane system to effectively remove any dust and residue.
Facilities for refuse-derived fuels
Fully automatic FineWork special cranes play a key role in waste-derived fuel (such as plastic or sludge) recycling facilities. They ensure that materials are stored and mixed as required and provide a continuous supply for the furnace.
We also provide the technology needed for domestic and industrial waste recycling facilities. Our special cranes carry out the handling work according to various process steps. For example, the automatic crane will store the incoming waste and then send it to the shredder and compost bin. The complete industrial drive solution from FineWork can provide precise mobile operations in our lifting equipment. Our motors can also be used to drive conveyor belts used to separate useful materials in recycling facilities.
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