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We can provide correct crane solutions for various kinds of applications for steel mill.
We provide special crane designed according the special place in stamping factory of automobile industry.
Our cranes and crane series include products for almost all manufacturing industries, from lifting equipment in a single workplace to integrated logistics solutions for production facilities.
Metal ore mining
Leading companies and suppliers in the mining and minerals processing sector rely on our wealth of experience and expertise for their crane installations.
For decades, we have served the mechanical and plant engineering sectors as a reliable partner delivering tailored solutions for overhead load handling.
Garbage incineration plant grab cranes are an important auxiliary equipment.
From the precise placing to the full-auto storage of roll, FineWork provide customized material handling solutions for each customer.
Wood,wood products
Wood as a material plays a key role in our lives. We offer cranes and hoists for all needs of the timber sector.
Cement, glass, bricks, concrete
Our lifting equipment is designed for extreme conditions.
The shelf life of food is very short, we can help to complete the production quickly.
Innovation is unlimited with credit standing.
According to your needs, tailor-made for you, any needs, please contact us!
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