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Sep, 14, 2021
Load test of 30t winch trolley
The customized 30t winch trolley will be shipped soon. We are doing the final load test to ensure that the customer receives the satisfactory product!
Jul, 28, 2021
Company executives came to our company for research and work.
After the research team arrives at the company, it will first be sent to the production workshop for safety inspections and recommendations.
Apr, 26, 2021
China International Lifting Equipment Expo opened
On April 26th, China International Lifting Equipment Expo was grandly opened. The latest and highest technology in the industry gathered and merchants from home and abroad gathered.
Apr, 12, 2021
In April, the peak season for our production and delivery has arrived.
With the arrival of April, our crane export has also ushered in a peak season. More and more new and old customers choose us, and the orders of old customers have reached a new height.
Jan, 09, 2021
New Year New Mission,Creating Value For Customers
New year new errand,create value for customers,Looking for agents & partners in each country,
Dec, 30, 2020
New Year New Device - Chile overhead crane installation completed
New year and new atmosphere! One of our customers in Chile completed the installation of our single girder overhead crane 5t on the last day before 2021. Thank you very much for sending us feedback pictures and information in time. Hope that our customer can put into production as soon as possible, and let our overhead crane create more benefits for customer.
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