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 Food usually needs to be transported over long distances from the place of production until the final product is made. We can help you complete the entire production process as efficiently as possible.
Fields of application
Agricultural production
Industrial food processing
Beverages industry
Agricultural production
Before the formation of the value chain of industrial and agricultural production, FineWork cranes have been put into use. Our bridge cranes can be used to store bulk bags containing raw materials (such as sugar). For companies that process raw materials locally, Skyhawk cranes can ensure safe and reliable handling of equipment spare parts.
Industrial food processing
In this industry, our universal cranes and components have a space-saving design and can be built into almost all production equipment. Our industrial drive solutions are used to accurately move rail-mounted distribution vehicles in production and storage operations, such as containers for handling raw materials and auxiliary materials. Moreover, our motors ensure that the correct amount of material is used during the mixing process.
Beverages industry
The work of cranes and industrial drives in the beverage industry differs depending on the beverage product. From the KBK light crane system operating in the wine cellar to the complete industrial drive solution for the large dairy industry, we always provide the right configuration. Distribution and shipping FineWork can provide beneficial assistance when handling packaged food and beverages. KBK light crane is equipped with a compact hoist, and the ergonomic design makes the workers feel more comfortable during the handling operation.
Related Product
European Type Electric Hoist
European Type Electric Hoist
European standard high duty electric hoist is used for Mechanical Workshop.
European Single girder overhead crane
European Single Girder Overhead Crane
Compared to traditional single-beam cranes, European-style cranes have the most reasonable structure for steel structures, hoisting mechanisms and accessories.
European double beam series bridge crane
European Double Girder Overhead Crane
European double beam series bridge crane can effectively make use of factory space, and make the headroom lowest and the limit distance between hook and two sides walls minimum. 
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