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Double Girder Overhead Crane Exported To Dominica
Project:Double Girder Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity : 25Ton
Lifting Height: 5m
Span: 10m
Power Supply :190V, 60HZ, 3Phase

This customer sent an inquiry to us in April this year. After communicating with our technical staff, it was determined that the customer wanted to buy a double-girder overhead crane. After confirming the product parameters and configuration according to the customer's workshop and needs, we sent the customer After a complete quotation, the customer felt that our price was a little over budget and said he needed to think about it.

In July, the customer contacted us again. The customer said that after comparing many factories in the past two months, our product configuration and price are very good. They believe in the strength of our factory and choose to cooperate with us.

On the basis of the previous quotation, the customer added another European hoist, and we updated the quotation. The price gave the customer a great discount, and some wearing parts were also presented.

After confirming the product and configuration with the customer, the production drawing is finally confirmed. In terms of shipping, customers choose FOB.

Then the customer paid us a 50% advance payment, and we arranged production immediately.

The production was completed in mid-September, we sent our production photos to the customer, and also did the whole machine running test. Hurry up to determine the sailing date.

These goods are going to be sent to the port today. Here are some pictures of packaging and delivery. I hope customers will receive our products as soon as possible. Thank you again for your trust in us.

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