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How to become an Overhead Crane Operator?

 How to become an Overhead Crane Operator?

1. First, what do Overhead Crane Operators do?

That is a Good Question! Maybe you can find in the movies, giant trolls pick up and move heavy, bulky objects from place to place. Unfortunately, these mythical creatures are hard to find outside of a movie set. Instead, Overhead Crane Operators handle the job. An Overhead Crane Operator is such a person who use a large machine, and a team of helpers, to move objects on construction sites and in warehouses.

Overhead cranes are sometimes also called bridge cranes and are most often found in an industrial environment, and they consist of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap. They are used generally in the manufacturing or maintenance applications of cranes in the industry and are used most commonly in the steel industry, as until it is moved from the factory, steel is handled by an overhead crane. Raw materials are poured into furnaces, hot steel is stored for cooling, finished coils are lifted and loaded onto trucks and trains, and the fabricator or stamper even used an overhead crane while working in steel factories. Besides steel fabrication, the automobile industry also uses overhead cranes in order to move raw materials. Paper mills also use overhead cranes when dealing with the maintenance that requires removing heavy press roles and other equipment. They are also used in paper mills while initially constructing paper machines because they can help to facilitate the installation of the heavy cast iron paper drying drums and other massive equipment which can way upwards of 70 tons.

2. Overhead Crane Operator Responsibilities and Descriptions.

Operates traveling or stationary overhead crane to lift, move, and position loads, such as machinery, equipment, products, and solid or bulk materials, using hoisting attachments, such as hook, sling, electromagnet, or bucket: Observes load hookup and determines safety of load.

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