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Company executives came to our company for research and work.
Upon arrival, the research team will first be sent to the production workshop to make safety checks and recommendations.

Subsequently, the research team heard the report of progress of the business objectives in 2021, the contract situation, the manufacturing and organization situation, the existing problems and relevant solutions, the possible risks and countermeasures in the business process, and the safety of production and work. As well as issues that need to be agreed by the group. The above five aspects report to the group leader.

After the leader of the relevant research group visited the production site and listened to the company's report on the above situation, he was satisfied with our company's performance this year, and was satisfied with our company's further strengthening of technological progress, developing new products and improving the quality of employees. Keep safety awareness and teamwork in order to address current funding issues and other issues and gain deeper understanding and guidance.

Leaders stressed the need to do a good job in technological progress and developing new products; We should increase investment in human resources and young talents trainment. We must do a good job in production safety so ensure that no major accidents happen in factories. ; We need to cut a figure in leaning manufacturing to ensure sustainable development of the enterprise.

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