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European electric hoist exported to Spain

Project: European electric hoist

1. Lifting capacity: 3.2-5Ton

2. Lifting speed: 0.8-5 m/min

3. Voltage: 200-480v

4. Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases

5. Working level: M4~M7

6. Control method: handle + remote control

Fanwork is a manufacturer with decades of production history. It enjoys a high reputation in China's crane industry for its high efficiency and high-quality production capabilities. We have a professional team with many years of project design experience, focusing on providing solutions and services to customers.


This customer sent us relevant inquiries in mid-March 2023. After communicating with our technical staff, it was determined that the customer wanted to purchase a gantry crane. After determining the product parameters and configuration based on the customer's factory and needs, we sent the customer a complete quotation. The customer felt that our price was a bit beyond the budget and said that it needed to be considered.


According to customer needs, our engineers designed a reasonable plan, which was recognized by customers. After confirming the drawings, we immediately put into production. Today, the goods have been produced and are ready to be shipped to the port and shipped to the customer city by sea.


In mid-July, the customer contacted us again. The customer said that he compared several manufacturers in recent months and chose us after making inquiries. He expressed that he was very satisfied with our product configuration and price. and choose to cooperate with us. After confirming the product and configuration with the customer, the production drawings are finalized. Then the customer gave us 50% advance payment and we arranged production immediately.

The production was completed at the end of September. We sent the production photos to the customer and conducted the complete machine operation test.Above are some pictures of packaging and delivery. Thank you again for your trust in us. We look forward to your feedback and product working videos.



European standard electric wire rope hoist

European Standard Electric Hoist is a special lifting equipment, mounted on the overhead cranes, gantry cranes. It with small size, light weight, simple operation, easy to use features, usually be used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage terminals and other places. It is with low headroom hoist trolley, which is installed on the bottom flange of the main beam. The low headroom hoist allows maximum effective use of the available lifting height.

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