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Uropean style winches exported to Peru
Load test of 75t winch trolley

The customized 75t winch trolley will be shipped soon.

We have completed product load testing to ensure customers receive a satisfactory product!

Overview of the winch


The winch is a kind of mechanical lifting equipment, usually composed of a motor, reducer, brake, transmission mechanism, rope pulley, etc. It is widely used in various construction projects, warehouse logistics, port loading and unloading and other industries, with a lifting capacity of several hundred kilograms. to several thousand tons.

Advantages of winches

1. Strong lifting capacity: The hoisting capacity of the hoist can reach thousands of tons, which is a lifting task that is difficult to complete by manpower alone. The hoist is simple to operate and can achieve a high degree of automation and intelligence.

2. Easy to operate: The winch not only has the characteristics of strong lifting capacity, but also is easy to operate and is not restricted by the environment. As long as you install the equipment and operate it according to professional requirements, you can get started easily.

3. Wide range of applications: The winch has a wide range of applications, including industry, construction, shipbuilding, mining, oil fields and other fields, and can cope with various complex environments and high-intensity operations.

4. Save human resources: In high temperature, low temperature, harsh climate, high altitude, high pressure and other environments, the use of winch operation will save human resources, avoid labor waste, and avoid labor safety hazards.

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