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Good reviews on products from Argentina

Good reviews on products from Argentina

In March 2023, a customer from Argentina inquired about choosing and purchasing our product (32-ton double-girder gantry crane) in October. Our staff has been following up on the use of the customer's product, and suddenly received praise from the customer on December 6. Feedback, customers have always emphasized that the products work extremely well and have given great evaluation of our products. We are also very grateful to customers for their recognition of us. Customers' praise is the greatest recognition of our company. Thank you for every Good review!

The models of double-girder gantry cranes are: MG, ME, MZ, MC, MP, MS. According to the product appearance, they can be divided into U-type double-girder gantry cranes, A-type double-girder gantry cranes and packaged double-girder gantry cranes. Cranes, flower rack double girder gantry crane. This machine is suitable for general cargo loading, unloading, lifting and transportation work in railway freight yards, ports, open-air warehouses, and container transfer stations with large spans and frequent loading and unloading operations (it is also suitable for installation and use in workshops). The whole machine consists of double main girder bridge, trolley operating structure, trolley, electrical equipment and other parts.

Double girder gantry crane performance characteristics:

The double-girder gantry crane is a gantry crane that runs on ground rails. The working levels are divided into: A5, A6, A7, and A8. The normal use environment should be within the range of -25℃~+40℃, within 24 hours. The average temperature shall not exceed 10 35°C. It is not easy to work in flammable, explosive media or places with high humidity and corrosive gases. It is also not suitable for lifting molten metal or working in toxic environments. The operation methods include cab operation and wireless remote control operation. You can request whether to configure rainproof equipment. There are two power supply methods: cable reel and sliding contact line.

Instructions for purchasing double-girder gantry crane:

Due to different applicable environments and working conditions, the process requirements of double-girder gantry cranes are also different. The above technical parameters of double-girder gantry cranes are only typical data of gantry cranes. When users place an order, please tell our sales staff the specific applicable conditions. Our sales staff will recommend a suitable crane for you based on your actual needs, or directly provide technical specifications such as lifting capacity, span, lifting height, and cantilever extension length. We have The factory designs non-standard double-girder gantry cranes and customizes non-standard double-girder gantry cranes for customers.

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