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8 sets of linkage electric hoists exported to Russia
Electric linkage hoists are a type of material handling equipment used to lift and move heavy loads. They consist of an electric motor that powers a lifting mechanism, usually using a chain or wire rope.

The lifting mechanism is connected to the load through a linkage system, which allows the hoist to raise, lower, and position the load with greater control and precision compared to simpler hook-and-chain hoists.

Common applications for electric linkage hoists include manufacturing, warehousing, assembly lines, construction sites, and maintenance work where precise load control and positioning is required.


Key advantages of electric linkage hoists include:


1. Accurate load control and positioning


2. Faster lifting and lowering speeds compared to manual hoists


3. Ability to handle heavier loads, often up to several tons


4. Ease of use and reduced physical strain on operators


Important safety features often included are overload protection, limit switches, emergency stop buttons, and remote control operation.


Main structural components:


1> Motor: Provides driving force, generally using a three-phase asynchronous motor.


2> Brake: Brake when stopping to ensure that the load does not drop accidentally.


3> Reducer: Reduce the high-speed rotation of the motor to a suitable working speed.


4> Wire rope or chain: The main component responsible for the lifting task.


5> Hook or sling: The end component directly connected to the cargo.


6> Control device: Control the lifting, moving and other actions of the crane through buttons, remote controls, etc.

Electric linkage hoists are available in a range of capacities, lifting heights, and mounting configurations (e.g. overhead, jib crane, gantry) to suit different application requirements.


Selection suggestions:


Choose appropriate rated load, lifting height, installation method and other parameters according to the working conditions.


Consider factors such as power supply conditions, frequency of use, and environmental conditions.


Choose well-known brand products with high reliability and easy maintenance.

If you need more detailed information about the function, use or specifications of the electric linkage hoist, please feel free to consult.

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