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Finework crane once again landed in Cambodia
 @Finework cranes supply European single-girder overhead cranes for Cambodian customers, which have been shipped recently. This is another successful delivery of @Finework cranes in Cambodia.

@Finework European single-girder overhead crane, with its unique performance and low headroom design, light weight, small size, small internal stress, stable operation, maximize the use of factory clearance, won the appreciation of Cambodian customers!

Craftsmanship @Finework crane, with its calm dark blue appearance and silent European hoist, will become a beautiful scene in the Cambodian customer factory!

@Finework European-style crane, standard car with variable frequency speed regulation, has very good running stability, hard tooth surface reducer is small in size and light in weight, direct drive technology maximizes transmission efficiency and saves electricity!

In recent years, @Finework's independent research and development, intelligent and innovative European cranes have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, West Asia and other dozens of countries, for the Chinese manufacturing in the world to reshape the new image of Chinese cranes.

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