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Double girder gantry crane exported to Kazakhstan

Project: 40-ton double-girder gantry crane

1. Lifting capacity: 40Ton

2. Lifting height: 15m

3. Span: 40m

4. Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase

5. Control mode: pendant control + remote control

Fanwork is a manufacturer with decades of production history. It enjoys a high reputation in China's crane industry for its high-efficiency and high-quality production capabilities. We have a professional team with many years of experience in project design, focusing on providing solutions and services to customers.

This customer sent us a related inquiry in mid-March. After communicating with our technical staff, it is determined that the customer wants to buy a 40-ton double-girder gantry crane. After determining the product parameters and configuration according to the customer's needs, we sent a complete quotation to the customer. The customer felt that our price was a bit beyond the budget and said that it needed to be considered.


In mid-May, the customer contacted us again. The customer said that in recent months, he compared many factories and manufacturers, and chose us after asking, and expressed that our product configuration and price are very good and very satisfied. And choose to work with us. After confirming the product and configuration with the customer, finalize the production drawing. Then the customer gave us a 50% advance payment, and we immediately put into production.

The 40-ton double-girder gantry crane is composed of a gantry, a trolley, a trolley running mechanism, a cab and an electronic control system. The gantry crane can adopt a box-type or truss-type structure. Control can be ground control, remote control, cabin control or a combination of both.



Increased load capacity: Double girder cranes have a higher load capacity than single girder cranes, making them suitable for handling heavy loads and demanding applications.

Greater lifting height: The design of double girder cranes allows for a higher lifting height, providing more flexibility for various applications.

Enhanced stability: With two girders, double girder cranes offer improved stability and rigidity compared to single girder cranes, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safer operation.

Key Differences

Load Capacity

One of the main differences between single girder and double girder cranes is their load capacity. Double girder cranes are designed to handle heavier loads, making them ideal for industries requiring the movement of large, heavy items. In contrast, single girder cranes are more suited to light to medium duty applications.

Span and Height

Double girder cranes generally offer a greater lifting height and span than single girder cranes. This is because the trolley and hoist system can be positioned between the two girders, allowing for more vertical space for lifting. Single girder cranes, on the other hand, have the trolley and hoist system mounted below the girder, limiting the available lifting height.

Cost and Installation

Single girder cranes usually have a lower initial cost, as well as a simpler and faster installation process. This makes them an attractive option for businesses with budget constraints or limited timeframes. However, double girder cranes, while more expensive and complex to install, provide greater capabilities and flexibility for heavy-duty applications.

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