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6 kbk cranes exported to Mexico
 Project: Flexible double-beam KBK crane

1. Lifting capacity: 0.5Ton and 1T

2. Lifting height: 3.5 meters

3. Span: 10.5 meters

4. Power supply: 220V, 60Hz, 3 phases


Fanwo is a manufacturer with decades of production history. It enjoys a high reputation in China's crane industry for its high efficiency and high-quality production capabilities. We have a professional team with many years of project design experience, focusing on providing solutions and services to customers.


This customer sent us a relevant inquiry in early March 2024. After communicating with our technical staff, it was determined that the customer wanted to buy a kbk crane. According to the customer's factory drawing and after determining the product parameters and configuration, we sent the customer a complete quotation. The customer felt that our price was a bit beyond the budget and said that he needed to consider it.


In late April, the customer contacted us again. The customer compared several factories and manufacturers, and after asking, he chose us and expressed that our product configuration and price were very good and very satisfied. And chose to cooperate with us. After confirming the product and configuration with the customer, the production drawings were finally determined. Then the customer gave us a 50% advance payment, and we arranged production immediately.


Production completed in June. Here are some pictures of packaging and delivery. Thank you again for your trust in us.


1. Introduction to flexible KBK crane

Flexible KBK crane, as the name suggests, is a combined lifting equipment. Compared with traditional cranes, it is more flexible and adaptable. Through standardized module design, the flexible KBK crane can be freely assembled according to actual needs to meet various working scenarios. It is mainly composed of tracks, suspension devices, traveling trolleys, lifting devices and other components. 

2. Advantages of flexible KBK crane

High flexibility: Due to the standard module design, the flexible KBK crane can be assembled according to actual needs to adapt to different working environments and needs. Whether it is single track, multi-track, curved track or circular track, it can be easily handled.

Easy maintenance: Standard connection methods are adopted between each module, making the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment simple and fast. When a module fails, it can be quickly replaced, greatly reducing maintenance costs and time.

Efficient and energy-saving: The flexible KBK crane adopts advanced lifting technology and energy-saving design, which can effectively reduce energy consumption while ensuring work efficiency, saving energy costs for enterprises.

Safe and reliable: The equipment is designed with safety factors in mind and adopts multiple safety protection measures. At the same time, due to its simple structure and modular design, the reliability of the equipment has been greatly improved.

Wide scope of application: Flexible KBK cranes are suitable for various workplaces with small tonnage and low lifting height, such as material handling yards, light industrial assembly lines, modern production conveying lines, etc. 

3. Application scenarios of flexible KBK cranes

Because the flexible KBK crane has many of the above advantages, its application range is very wide. In modern production lines, it can efficiently complete material handling work; in material handling yards, it can move goods quickly and accurately; in light industrial assembly lines, it can adapt to various complex working environments and improve production efficiency.

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