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Cement, glass, bricks, concrete
When it is necessary to move auxiliary materials or transport finished products, we can provide suitable crane and industrial drive solutions for the building materials industry.

Our lifting equipment is designed for operation under extreme conditions and is an ideal tool for careful transportation and precise placement of large-volume products. In addition, FineWork cranes can also provide movement in each step of the process.

We use modular drive systems to provide cost-effective solutions based on standardized components to meet specific requirements. It can save you valuable project engineering time and ensure that you get reliable product specifications. You will benefit from our comprehensive equipment and professional design. 
Fields of application
Cement engineering
Precast concrete parts
Glass industry
Cement engineering
Cement engineering/lime and gypsum production Our special cranes have been widely used to move basic materials and serve bulk materials warehouses. Thanks to high-altitude material handling solutions, ground space can be fully utilized. Our fully automatic special cranes can ensure that additives are effectively stored and mixed in the correct way to ensure that they are supplied to the furnace at every step of the process. The FineWork warehouse management system uses a scanner to detect the filling level of the material storage room and provide individual feedback.
Precast concrete parts
The manufacture of precast concrete components requires tailor-made solutions. Our lifting equipment can meet this demand-to carry out the storage and shipment of the concrete plant to carry the feeding bucket and to transport the concrete castings to realize the joint operation. Our traveling unit (consisting of FineWork geared motor and traveling wheels) can accurately place the feeding bucket in the mass production of precast concrete parts.
Glass industry
Be very careful! What we can do: Our walking unit can provide accurate and smooth lifting during the internal transportation of glass products-for example, carefully and safely moving glass panels.
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European Type Electric Hoist
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European Single girder overhead crane
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Compared to traditional single-beam cranes, European-style cranes have the most reasonable structure for steel structures, hoisting mechanisms and accessories.
European double beam series bridge crane
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