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 Wood plays an important role in our lives. Wood offers a variety of creative possibilities, so we provide a variety of tailor-made solutions to support the wood processing industry. We can provide cranes and electric hoists according to the different needs of the timber industry.
Fields of application
Sawmill industry
Furniture industry
Woodworking trade
Sawmill industry
FineWore crane products have been used in cutting workshops in the sawmill industry. Our drive system can move the load and transport the long material to the cutting machine to ensure its precise placement. In addition, our cranes can also move timber in the sawmill for storage and shipment.
Furniture industry
FineWore cranes and hoists are also used in furniture production, such as storing profiles and other raw materials and transporting them to the machine. Using our compact electric hoists, wooden boards and large furniture parts can be easily moved.
Woodworking trade
Small and medium-sized workshops need to be ergonomic and can be installed in space-saving layouts, such as compact electric hoists and KBK light crane systems. They can be used to carry loads without restriction.
Related Product
European Type Electric Hoist
European Type Electric Hoist
European standard high duty electric hoist is used for Mechanical Workshop.
European Single girder overhead crane
European Single Girder Overhead Crane
Compared to traditional single-beam cranes, European-style cranes have the most reasonable structure for steel structures, hoisting mechanisms and accessories.
European double beam series bridge crane
European Double Girder Overhead Crane
European double beam series bridge crane can effectively make use of factory space, and make the headroom lowest and the limit distance between hook and two sides walls minimum. 
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