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The paper industry is one of the main industries using our special crane technology. From the accurate placement of paper machine rolls to the fully automated storage of paper rolls, FineWork can provide tailor-made solutions for each customer. Since many of our equipment has been used in global paper industry and processing industry companies, we have extensive industry expertise.

Whether it is equipment parts that need to be transported safely, hoisting paper rolls to match the paper machine operation cycle, or storing and retrieving paper rolls, our cranes play an important role.
Fields of application
Paper production
Paper storage
Paper production
Through a comprehensive range of crane and electric hoist products, we can provide solutions for all applications in the papermaking process:

1.Safely transport the entire paper roll, and then reliably return the empty paper roll to the cadre of the paper machine
2.Maintenance work, such as replacing filter cloths and felt covers in the wet end of the paper machine
3.Replace paper machine rollers and other components
4.Prepare and transport equipment parts for inventory
5.Service and maintenance work in all working areas of the paper mill
Paper storage
Efficient conveying of paper machine output requires reliable and versatile material handling. Globally, we have a large number of cases of roll storage system solutions equipped with FineWork cranes. In the fully automatic paper roll storage, our crane lifts the paper rolls, and then gently stacks them vertically one by one on the paper roll stack, while the driving is ready for the next job. The crane is controlled by the FineWork warehouse management system, which directly communicates with the customer host, paper roll transportation equipment, and operation terminals of various departments of the paper mill. A specific storage strategy is installed in the system to meet the storage requirements of the intermediate warehouse and the shipping warehouse.
Due to the high degree of integration between the crane system and the process, the material handling equipment needs to have maximum reliability. In addition to using high-quality components, we ensure that services are provided through a large maintenance technology network (a highly professional special crane application service team), which are located all over the country. Our customer service philosophy includes regular inspections and 24-hour standby.
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