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Crane Wheel 
Crane Wheel 
Crane Wheel 
Crane Wheel 

Crane Wheel 

This crane wheel is special for European type crane, with light weight, high performance and long working life.
7.5-25.5 M
1--12.5 t
Max.Wheel Load:
13.5~90.94 kn
Traveling Rail:
Trolley Weight:
405~740 kg
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Product Description
Brief Itroduction
The wheel set is a mechanical device consisting of a wheel and a shaft, a bearing and a bearing housing. The crane wheel set is generally used for the vehicle to support the crane and the load, and at the same time, the crane is allowed to perform the reciprocating running operation on the specified track.
The wheels are light in weight,
Small volume,
Easy to install,
The forged wheel piece is mainly composed of four parts: wheel axle, wheel piece, bearing box and bearing. Because it needs to be directly matched with the three-in-one reducer, it does not need to be connected by the coupling, and the assembly precision is high. 5,The bearings adopt imported NSK and SKF bearings and have a long service life.
The European wheel set has been widely used in single beam cranes and double beam cranes, and has achieved good application results, which has been recognized by many users. Due to the excellent performance of such wheel sets, more and more applications will be applied in the lifting industry.
Technical Parameters

Name Wheel width mm Groove width mm
Ø125 driving wheel 110 ≤85
Ø125 driven wheel 110 ≤85
Ø140 driving wheel 120 ≤90
Ø140 driven wheel 120 ≤90
Ø160 driving wheel 120 ≤90
Ø160 driven wheel 120 ≤90
Ø200 driving wheel 130 ≤95
Ø200 driven wheel 130 ≤95
Ø250 driving wheel 140 ≤105
Ø250 driven wheel 140 ≤105
Ø315 driving wheel 150 ≤110
Ø315 driven wheel 150 ≤110

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