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Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane
Movable JIB crane

Movable JIB crane

Movable Jib Crane is a kind of jib crane which can move freely in the smooth working area. It’s very suitable for small equipment installing, loading and unloading.
Arm length(m):
Lifting height(m):
Lifting speed(m/min):
Traveling speed(m/min):
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Product Description
Product Description
Movable JIB crane is a kind of  small and medium-sized lifting equipment with the recent development.Its unique structure, safe and reliable.With high efficiency, energy conservation, the provincial time, effort, and flexible and so on. And it can operate freely in 3D space,and it can show its superiority more especially when its working in the short-range and intensive lifting occasions.
Movable JIB crane widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses and low building areas where big crane is inappropriate, essential in raising working efficiency and conditions.
The user can install the work station according to the load of the production line, without embedded foundation, which can easily promote the operation and improve the work efficiency.The mobile crane can move freely in the smooth working area under the push of manpower, and can be used in any place where it is inconvenient to use the hanging crane.
They are independent individuals. Easy to operate, flexible, wide adaptability and other characteristics, is an automatic production line necessary separate emergency hoisting equipment
Economic and efficient, efficient energy saving.
Electric chain hoist or wire hoist can be installed on its end to lifting cargos or work pieces.
Flexible driving, extensive adaption, low maintenance and easy replacement, it is requisite emergency on efficient automatic production lines.
Available customize to meet needs on lifting capacity, rotating angle, JIB length or function, etc.
Convenient operation, large work space and extensive application, ensures unobstructed production.
Novel structure, simplicity, flexible rotation, light weight, nimble moving, energy saving and high efficiency.
All parts are highly cost effective, highly standardized, with reliable quality and stable performance.

Technical Parameters
Item Specification
Capacity(t) 0.5 1 2 3 5 10 16 20
Arm length(m) 1.2-20
Lifting height(m) 1-15
Lifting speed(m/min) 3.5/7/8
Traveling speed(m/min) 20/30
Rotate angle 360°
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